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Krannert Center Youth Series

School-day performances for public, private, and home schools, grades PreK-12.

At Krannert Center, we believe that the performing arts are essential to nurturing the creative spark at the heart of every learning community. Youth Series performances feature world-class touring artists in music, theatre, and dance, representing a wide range of cultural traditions. Accompanying study guides invite students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the artists and art forms and to experience their own creativity through classroom activities. Please join us!

Sep 18-19, 2019
School Performance: Bizhiki Culture & Dance Company (KCYS)
Isango Ensemble
Oct 1-2, 2019
School Performance: Isango Ensemble: Aesop's Fables (KCYS)
The Bookbinder
Nov 6-8, 2019
School Performance: Trick of the Light Theatre: The Bookbinder (KCYS)
Harlem 100
Nov 14, 2019
School Performance: Harlem 100—Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance (KCYS)
Yao Yao
Jan 22-24, 2020
School Performance: Brush Theatre: Yao Yao (KCYS)
Feb 6-7, 2020
School Performance: Step Afrika!: Drumfolk (KCYS)
Feb 24-25, 2020
School Performance: Cirque FLIP Fabrique: Blizzard (KCYS)
Cahoots NI Penguins
Mar 10-12, 2020
School Performance: Cahoots NI: Penguins (KCYS)
Tao Drum
Mar 11-12, 2020
School Performance: DRUM TAO 2020 (KCYS)
May 5-6, 2020
School Performance: Slingsby Theatre: Emil and the Detectives (KCYS)