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Ticket Ordering FAQ

What is the recommended grade level?

Although grade levels are listed for each performance as recommendations, use your best judgment about your students’ abilities and interests when placing your ticket order. If you have questions about a show’s content, please contact us by email or phone (217.244.3009).

How do I order tickets?

We realize that schools need time to organize funding for class trips, so our ticket purchase process allows you to order your tickets now and pay for them later. Youth Series ticket orders are handled directly through our Youth Series office, rather than the Ticket Office.

When you place an order, we will check to see if we can accommodate your group. If so, we’ll send you a ticket purchase agreement with all the details of your order. If not, we’ll ask if you’d like to be placed on the waiting list. When you receive a ticket purchase agreement, please check it for accuracy and then confirm your order by emailing us.

How many tickets should I order?

Everyone who will be in the theatre needs a ticket. Please include students, teachers, chaperones, student teachers, and drivers. If you’re ordering in the spring or summer before the new school year, it’s safest to slightly overestimate the number of tickets you’ll need and then reduce the ticket numbers if necessary when you confirm student enrollment in the fall. If at any time you need additional tickets, please contact us so that we can check on ticket availability. Please remember that there are no refunds. The number of tickets must be finalized by the payment due date.

How many complimentary tickets will I receive?

You’ll receive one free ticket out of every 10 tickets in your order (order 10 tickets, pay for 9).

Will I get my first choice?

Often, yes! Whether you’re a grade-level team of 120 or a homeschooling family of five, we try our best to fulfill your requests. Our aim is to assign you tickets for as many performances, as high up on your priority list as possible, so we begin with first-come, first-served ticket ordering policy. During the initial ticket ordering period, we modify this process slightly. We reserve the option of giving priority to classes that were wait-listed the previous year and were not able to attend any Youth Series performances, if they submit an order during the first week of ticket sales. We also ensure that we distribute access to the program across schools in central Illinois.

Some Youth Series performances fill up quickly, so it’s helpful if we are aware of any flexibility you have when placing your order, whether that means alternate dates or times, numbers of tickets, or alternate productions. We also have a comment box where you can be more specific about your wishes. If you ever have questions about your order, please contact us.

When do I pay for tickets?

Each performance has a payment deadline (several weeks before the performance), listed in your ticket purchase agreement and online. Checks should be made out to the University of Illinois, and credit card payments can be made by phoning the ticket office at 217-333-4324. Tickets will be held for you to pick up at the Youth Series check-in desk on the day of the performance.

To ensure we can honor as many orders as possible, your ticket order is guaranteed until the day after the payment due date. Please contact us if you need a extension to the deadline; our priority is for you and your students to experience great art, and we’re happy to make adjustments when needed. If you do need to extend the payment deadline, we still need a confirmation of the total ticket numbers at the time of the deadline. If we don’t hear from you by the deadline, your tickets may be released to persons on the waiting list.

What if a performance is full?

You will be placed on a waiting list if a performance is full. Typically, we are able to accommodate several schools on the waiting list near the time of the payment deadline. 

Can I get a refund for unused tickets?

Once tickets have been purchased, they will not be refunded unless Krannert Center cancels the performance, or if your school closes on the day of the performance. We hope you understand that the $10 ticket price covers only a fraction of the costs of bringing artists to our community, and your contribution through the ticket purchase process is vital and much appreciated.