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  • Online
  • By phone 10am-6pm seven days a week at 217.333.6280 or 800.KCPATIX
  • In person at the Ticket Office 10am-6pm seven days a week


If you fall into one of the categories below, you are entitled to order tickets at the discounted price you’ll see indicated throughout our event pages. 

SC Senior citizens: age 65 or over, or retired U of I faculty and staff
UI Current, full-time U of I student
Stu Non-U of I college students
Yth Youth: high school and younger
Pick Five+ Purchase 5+ performances to receive a discounted price


When you purchase tickets for at least five events, you are eligible for the discounted Five+ price on those tickets as well as on tickets for most events during the rest of the season. (When you buy tickets later in the season, be sure to inform the Ticket Office staff member that you are eligible for the Five+ price.) If you are purchasing fewer than five events now, you can still get a discount on future purchases, on your fifth event and subsequent purchases. Some School of Music performances, the Opening Night Party, Dessert and Conversation events, Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra concerts, and U of I $10 student tickets are excluded from this discount. 


If you’re looking for School of Music performances but don’t see them here, the tickets might not be on sale yet. On-sale dates for School of Music performances occur throughout the season.


Ticket discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Simply fill out our group discount form or contact Outreach Director Crystal Womble (217.244.0549) with the details, and we'll take care of your request. You can also contact the Ticket Office (217.333.6280 or 800.KCPATIX) if you’d like more information about this program.


Hot Seats were created with University of Illinois students in mind. Krannert Center holds a group of seats for Marquee events specifically for U of I students, who often are not able to purchase tickets until they arrive on campus in August. Whenever you see the waiting list icon on an event page, Hot Seats might still be available. Any unsold Hot Seats for fall semester Marquee events will be released for sale to the general public on October 3. Unsold Hot Seats for Krannert Center spring semester Marquee events will be released for sale to the general public on February 1. We encourage patrons, both students and non-students, to call the Ticket Office for more information regarding these tickets.


On the page for that particular event, you'll see a link to the waiting list, where you can sign up in case tickets become available. If you were unable to obtain tickets to an event, please remember that ticket availability may change. Join the waiting list, and contact the Ticket Office if you have any questions.


Krannert Center’s ticket system works on a receiptless basis; when you purchase tickets with your credit card, the tickets themselves are your receipt.


Krannert Center offers refunds for most performances in gift cards if we receive the tickets in hand by 6pm on the day before the performance (except Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra concerts). Gift cards can be used anywhere in the Center—the Ticket Office, Promenade, Intermezzo, or Stage 5 Bar. (CenterChecks are still good and will be honored forever, with encouragement to come in and trade them for gift cards.) You can check your Krannert Center gift card balance anytime.

If you can’t make the 6pm deadline, you still may receive a credit for a tax-deductible donation by calling or visiting the Ticket Office at least 30 minutes before the performance (Tax credit requests cannot be honored during the half hour before a performance). Your generous release of tickets is a significant gift that often makes it possible for someone else to attend an event that was at full capacity.

We exchange tickets for events with multiple performances, provided that the date on your tickets has not passed. Exchanges may be made by mail or at the Ticket Office until 30 minutes before performances.


During the day, metered spaces are available in all of Krannert Center's parking garages, or on all streets surrounding the building. For short visits to Krannert Center, three 30-minute free parking spaces are available at marked spaces in the Green parking garage on the south side of the building off Oregon Street. Accessible parking is available on all levels of the garage. All spaces in Krannert Center's garages are available free of charge after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Get more details in our Parking and Directions section. You could also walk, bike, or ride the MTD—the bus stops right in front of the Center!


Krannert Center theatre seats are numbered alternately from the center of each theatre, with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. Therefore, if your tickets are numbered H10, H12, and H14, your seats are side-by-side on the right side of the theatre as you face the stage. You can see what the interiors are like and check the seating charts for the Foellinger Great Hall, Tryon Festival Theatre, and Colwell Playhouse. The Studio Theatre has general admission seating, and you can sit where you like in the Amphitheatre and at Stage 5. 

Can I bring my children?

Krannert Center is committed to programming for audience members of all ages. Many events are planned especially for children and their families at which dancing, singing, and all-ages participation are welcome! Other events welcome children (accompanied by a parent) who are able to sit attentively for the duration of the performance. As a courtesy to other patrons and the performers, please bear in mind that it is not appropriate for babies and small children to attend symphony, ballet, and other performances where focus is a prerequisite for full enjoyment of the artistic experience. If a child creates a disturbance, you will be kindly asked to leave the hall or theatre out of courtesy to the performers and other patrons. For ticketed events, all patrons, including children of all ages, are required to have a ticket. If we can be of assistance as you plan your visit, please feel free to call the Ticket Office at 217.333.6280. Thank you!


Krannert Center was designed to make it easy for everyone to enjoy their time here, and we continue to update our building and tailor our services to meet your needs. For a detailed description of our hearing, vision, entry, and usher services, head to our Accessibility section.

Hearing Assistance

Assisted listening devices are available for all four theatres and the lobby, and headsets are available to check out free of charge. Please contact the Ticket Office or Patron Services department for more information on requesting this service.

Easy-Access Seating

If you would like a theatre seat that requires few stairs to access, has no stairs to access, or is wheelchair accessible, please contact the Ticket Office directly before you purchase your tickets so that we can help you select the perfect location to attend your desired event. Our access and seating options vary for each theatre, and we also can help find seats nearby for everyone in your group.

Seating Assistance

If you have requested easily accessible seating for an event during the upcoming season, the Patron Services staff will be happy to assist you at the performance. If you have purchased tickets with wheelchair accessible seating or would like assistance finding your way into the theatre through one of our accessible entrances, you may call the Patron Services staff from the elevator lobbies when you arrive. Intercom boxes are located next to each elevator in our parking garage; simply press the button, and it will alert staff on hand at the Patron Services desk. A Krannert Center host will meet you and escort you to your seat. You may also approach the Patron Services desk (at the right end of the Ticket Office counter) and ask for a guide to the theatre. 

Other Needs

If you have any other accessibility questions, please feel free to call Krannert Center’s Patron Services Director at 217.333.9716 or send an email via our online form.