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Performing Arts Lab at Illinois

The Performing Arts Lab at Illinois encourages creative, innovative and re-imagined work, engagement with the broader community, the involvement of students, and the inclusion of people otherwise not fully integrated into the arts community. The Performing Arts Lab at Illinois seeks to facilitate the realization of artistic projects which fall outside of the regular season programming. If your project has any of these characteristics, please fill out the interdisciplinary creativity project form with as much information as you can describing your project.  

Terri Ciofalo, Associate Director for Production, Krannert Center
Julie Gunn, Co-Director, Lyric Theatre

Monique Rivera, Co-Director of Engagement, Krannert Center
Stephen Taylor, Illinois Modern Ensemble, School of Music
Kirstie Simson, Dance at Illinois
John Boesche, Level 21, Illinois Theatre
Robert Anderson, Illinois Theatre