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With its comprehensive services and accessible spaces, Krannert Center strives to be a welcoming environment for everyone. The Center was designed to accommodate wheelchair accessibility a full two decades before the Americans with Disabilities Act was created, and we continue to update our services and facilities to better serve all patrons

December Convocation Accessibility RequestS 

For all of the December 2021 convocation ceremonies at Krannert Center, please fill out the convocation accessibility request form with as many details as possible so we can best accommodate your needs. 

The Patron Services department will make accommodations for any guests attending an event at Krannert Center. For graduation ceremonies, reservations in the accessible section of the theatre may be requested up to 5 business days before the ceremony; requests made within 5 business days of the event will be asked to contact the House Manager upon arrival to find suitable seats, subject to availability.

An email with further details about your requests and information regarding accessible parking, where to go upon arrival, FAQ's and more will be sent to the email address provided below one week prior to your designated ceremony.

PARKING and building entry

All four parking garages provide elevator access to any level of the building. One van-only accessible parking spot is available in the Yellow garage off Illinois Street. Street-level accessible entrances can be found on the north side of the building off Illinois Street and the south side off Oregon Street. The north accessible entrance is through a designated pedestrian walk on the Orange parking garage ramp, and a ramp on the south side of Krannert Center provides access from the sidewalk to the main lobby.


Every theatre in Krannert Center has designated wheelchair accessible seating and companion seating. Ask the Ticket Office for accessible seats when purchasing your tickets, or select seats designated as wheelchair accessible when purchasing online. In addition to accessibility by wheelchair, all theatres have seats with "easy-access" that require few or no stairs to reach. If you would like wheelchair accessible or easy-access seating, please contact the Ticket Office at 217.333.6280 to discuss the best option to meet your needs.


Some seating requires an alternate route to enter the theatre, so Patron Services staff are on hand before every performance to escort patrons from the lobby or parking garages to their seats. Intercoms are located next to each elevator in the parking garages, as well as at the Level 2 entrances to the Foellinger Great Hall, that can be used to contact the Patron Services Desk and request assistance. Theatres open 30 minutes before each performance, unless an exception is needed for artist preparation.


Large-print programs, Braille programs, or an ASL interpreter are available for any performance with two weeks notice. These can be requested through Patron Services by phone at 217.333.9716 or by filling out the below contact form.

Krannert Center offers an assisted listening system in all four theatres and the lobby, and headsets are available to check out free of charge. Please inquire at the Patron Services desk, found at the right side of the Ticket Office counter during performances, or contact patronservices [at] or 217.333.9716 for more information on requesting this service.  


Please contact us at least two weeks in advance if you require any accommodations to attend a performance or event at Krannert Center. For more information, contact the Ticket Office at 217.333.6280 daily from 10am-6pm, or Patron Services by phone at 217.333.9716 or via the below contact form. 

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