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With Chad Lawson

What is your biggest fear? What’s that one thing that makes your palms sweaty as you lose count of the butterflies fluttering in your stomach? Is it speaking in front of an audience? Maybe meeting someone new? Or that exam or presentation, even though you spent the entire weekend going over every sentence forward, backward, and even upside down. For a lot of people, anxiety is something that can be hard to control. It can feel like it's all-consuming and that you're just along for the ride as your mind races ahead at full speed. But there is one tool that you always have with you and that can help you calm your anxiety in any situation: your breath.

In this free session, musician Chad Lawson explores how focused breathing techniques combined with live meditative music can help achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Drawing parallels between breathing and music, Lawson will demonstrate how emotions are not only a key aspect of social cognition and communication, but they also initiate homeostatic physiological and cognitive functions that help us deal with different challenges and opportunities. Lawson will use original live music, guided meditation, and focused breathing to positively influence our emotions. In tandem with simple breathing techniques such as Box Breathing, 4-7-8, Brahmari and Ujjayi breathing, Lawson will show how to ease the mind, relax the nerves, raise the smile, and most importantly and intentionally . . . breathe.

Chair seating will be available. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat or meditation cushion if you prefer.

Event Details

Stage 5
Sa Sep 10, 2022 - 12:00pm CT