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New Accessible Van Spot

Accessible Parking Spot

February 2019

With the help of the City of Urbana, Krannert Center has become more accessible to everyone in our community. The City has designated an accessible van parking space on Gregory Street, adjacent to a curb ramp, for any vehicles that cannot fit into the parking garages. (Krannert Center parking garage entrances are 6’ 2” in height.) This new space is metered during the day on weekdays and Saturdays, and it is free all day on Sundays and all evenings after 6pm. As always, all four parking garages have designated accessible parking spaces and elevator access to all levels of the building. All accessible parking spaces are marked with signs and require vehicles to have accessible license plates or hanging tags.

In 2019, Krannert Center will be working alongside the University of Illinois to make additional upgrades to increase the accessibility of our facility. Please be on the lookout for more improvements, and learn more about the Center’s commitment to accessibility at

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