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It’s not always easy being green, but at Krannert Center, sustainability is part of who we are. For well over a decade, we’ve made changes big and small that we think make a real difference in our shared world. We’re greening the arts with simple solutions and ongoing initiatives, including the following.

  • Whenever possible, we use recycled paper made with a high percentage of post-consumer waste for our office needs and for our mailed publications. A number of our print pieces are Forest Stewardship Council certified, a process to ensure that the originating forest is responsibly managed and that the wood and resulting paper are traced throughout the production cycle.
  • With support from the UI Student Sustainability Committee and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, we have completed an upgrade to a state-of-the-art LED lighting system in our Lobby.
  • Since 2004, our wattage use has been cut by 62%.
  • Our monthly steam consumption has dropped by as much as 46%, thanks to an upgrade to the heating and cooling system made possible by UI Facilities and Services.
  • New air filters installed with the assistance of UI Facilities and Services have helped to cut our electricity usage by up to 23%.
  • Dimmer systems, energy-saving lighting, and motion sensors have reduced our power consumption for a savings of more than $400,000 annually.
  • We go beyond campus norms in recycling batteries, ink cartridges, and aluminum.
  • High-efficiency hand blowers in the Level 5 bathrooms have further cut our reliance on paper towels.
  • Our cleaning products are eco- and people-friendly.
  • Computer backup systems allow us to protect our data but shut down our power. This little change has resulted in a savings of $50 per monitor per year.
  • OUTSIDE at the Research Park concerts inspire green living through artists who serve as examples, organic products, info from our partners at green fairs, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Check back regularly to see what other green things we have up our sleeves!