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The Forest

Gustavo Aguilar, Leah Bowden, Andrew Drury, J. D. Parran, and Michael Wimberly, with special guest Warren Smith

The music of The Forest, a cooperative percussion quintet, engages with a wide range of influences, including music of the African diaspora, contemporary, free improvisation, and other musical forms and philosophies. Dedicated to improvisation and composition, the ensemble performs new and existing works by its members as well as selected works by other artists. All five performers are experienced organizers and have worked in a variety of communities to promote music and musicians; through innovative collaborations, the artists of The Forest seek to contribute to, and expand upon, the musical traditions that inspire them. In this performance, they’re joined by renowned jazz percussionist Warren Smith, an original member of the groundbreaking ensemble M’BOOM. 

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Event Details

Tryon Festival Theatre
We Oct 16, 2024 - 7:30pm CT