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Day of the Drum: Kodo

The Japanese word “kodo” can refer to both “heartbeat”—the primal source of all rhythm—and to the notion of being “children of the drum”—a reflection of this awe-inspiring ensemble’s intention to play the drums with the simple heart of a child. This will be Kodo’s seventh performance at Krannert Center since the group’s 1981 inception; in-between the group has played over 6,000 performances on five continents. At each stop on the global stage, Kodo’s discipline, theatricality, and grace both preserve and expand the breathtaking cultural legacy of taiko drumming.

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Endowed Co-sponsor

  • Virginia R. Ivens

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  • Susan & Michael Haney
  • Erica McClure in memory of Malcolm McClure
  • Masako Takayasu in memory of Wako Takayasu

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  • The Scotsman’s Kitchen

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Event Details

Tryon Festival Theatre
Sa Mar 02, 2019 - 7:30pm
Pick Five+: 43 / SC 38 / STU 15 / UI & YTH 10 Single: 45 / SC 40 / STU 15 / UI & YTH 10