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Student Stories

Saori Kataoka

Artist Diploma ’21; Trumpet Performance and Literature ’19

Krannert Center has been the place where I get to be overwhelmingly inspired. It is incredible that I can experience the performances by world-class artists of music, dance, theatre, and every form of art right on campus. Also, as an artist myself, it is such an encouragement to have an audience that is so enthusiastic, curious, and accepting of what we try to display.

Sam Li

Economics ’23

Krannert Center taught me to appreciate and love the arts in many forms. The resources and opportunities that Krannert Center offered—both in terms of education and personal, live experience—allowed me to explore and fall in love with music. I have attended some truly amazing shows, from students all the way to touring professionals. Krannert Center has been invaluable to me in my personal development and growth and has gifted me with a whole world of color and joy. I always try to bring a friend with me to shows, and Krannert Center is truly one of my favorite places where I share fond memories and experiences.

Symone Sanz

Dance '20

My favorite memory of Krannert Center was being asked to film a short video of life for a dance class activity and asking my acting friends in the next room over to showcase their unique perspectives. I will always cherish the friends both inside and outside of my department that have called Krannert Center home as I have.

Casey Griffin

Stage Management and Political Science ’20

As an out-of-state student, I was scared when entering my freshman year that I wouldn’t fit in on campus or that I would feel out of place being so far away from where I grew up. The people I met at and through Krannert Center—my fellow students, resident producer faculty, Krannert Center staff—have always made me feel so safe and welcomed. I have been free to explore my passions through my classes, meet people who inspire me every day, and see the kind of work that I never thought I would have such easy access to coming from a small, rural town in Virginia. Ultimately, Krannert Center means “home” to me.