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Intermezzo Lunch Specials

Weekly Specials - February 26-March 1


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque - $7.25
Cheddar, Jack, and American grilled cheese. Served with a cup of tomato bisque.
Vegetarian with gluten-free option.


Pozole & Quesadilla - $8.75
Traditional Mexican soup made with roasted pork and hominy (corn).
Served with a cheese quesadilla.
Gluten-free option.
Soup of the Day: Creamy Potato


Croissant Sandwich & Soup - $8.75
Choice of house made chicken salad or chickpea salad on a croissant.
Served with a cup of soup.
Vegetarian option.
Soup of the Day: Broccoli Cheddar


Chicken Littles - $8.75
Mini crispy chicken sandwiches with lettuce, mayo, and pickle.
Served with potato salad.
Soup of the Day: Pasta Fagioli


Baked Potato - $8.25
Chili topped - beef chili, cheese, sour cream
Loaded - bacon, cheese, sour cream, and butter
Soup of the Day: Beef Chili

This Week's Special Side

Mustard Potato Salad