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Plumas Negras

by Juliette Carrillo

Based on stories from the Latina community of East Salinas, California, this magical realist play follows three generations of women struggling to keep their dreams alive. Two jaunty crows watch over the farming community as it changes over 50 tumultuous years trying to understand the people and their relationship to the land and each other. Mothers and daughters tussle over choices of the past and the present as they seek a better future for the next generation. Through magic, dreams, and the power of maternal love, the play offers a heartrending view of one community’s immigration experience.

Event Details

Studio Theatre
Fr Apr 11, 2025 - 7:30pm CT
Sa Apr 12, 2025 - 7:30pm CT
We Apr 16, 2025 - 7:30pm CT
Th Apr 17, 2025 - 7:30pm CT
Fr Apr 18, 2025 - 7:30pm CT
Sa Apr 19, 2025 - 7:30pm CT