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The Planets and Beyond

Stephen Alltop, music director and conductor
University of Illinois Women’s Glee Club

In a stellar season finale, CUSO travels from our own planet through our solar system and beyond. Gustav Holst brought his prodigious imagination and mystical sense to his most famous composition, The Planets, a tour de force for huge orchestra. Complimenting Holst’s suite of planetary portraits will be selections from the original score to Star Wars by John Williams, one of the most popular film scores of all time.

Holst: The Planets
Williams: Star Wars Suite

Event Details

Foellinger Great Hall
Sa Apr 27, 2019 - 7:30pm
40 / SC 36 / STU & YTH 5 For more information about CUSO concerts or to purchase season tickets, please call the CUSO office (217.351.9139) or visit

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