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Krannert Uncorked with Robin and the Toad

Robin and the Toad, from Andes to Zappa.

This six-piece ensemble from Urbana-Champaign plays an astounding range of music: haunting Peruvian waltzes, nostalgic Italian film scores, blistering Zappa rockers, and more, all with their unique high energy treatment. Sometimes madcap, sometimes soulful, always compelling.

Robin Kearton: electric violin
Sal Percoco: trumpet
Solomon Baer: clarinets
Tom Faux: electric guitar
Todd Gallagher: bass
Jeff Magby: drums.

"A phenomenal new band of seasoned and gifted professionals. Unmatched in CU!"
—Dorothy Martirano

"The best band since Santana!"
—Paul Fischer

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Stage 5
Th Apr 27, 2023 - 5:00pm CT

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