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Krannert Uncorked with The Katie Flynn Quartet

At Krannert Uncorked, Stage 5 is the crossroads to gather, make connections, and try a new wine.

Wowing audiences with charm and a mesmerizing presence, The Katie Flynn Quartet consists of Katie Flynn (vocals), Kurt Reeder (piano), Crystal Rebone (bass), and John Sergel (drums). Connecting with musicians on stage and listeners in the audience, Ms. Flynn delivers powerful yet precise vocals, hilarious anecdotes, and a truly entertaining and captivating performance.

Wine samples selected and served by Marketplace Selections.

Stage 5 offers previously featured wines at half price during Krannert Uncorked.

With deep gratitude, Krannert Center thanks all Patron Sponsors and Corporate and Community Sponsors.

In celebration of Krannert Center’s 50th anniversary, give today to the Access for All Two-Season Challenge to ensure everyone can have access to the arts.

Event Details

Stage 5
Th Jul 25, 2019 - 5:00pm