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Krannert Uncorked and On Topic

Our free Uncorked and On Topic series invites you to join faculty of different disciplines from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in informal conversations. This year’s series of conversations will visit geographic issues in the context of a variety of disciplines.

What does it mean for a culture or design to belong to a particular place? Larger cities once held distinctive brands for artistic identity and creativity. Yet their people bring objects and art that defy identification in any one location. For many, traditional geographic distinctions no longer apply.

In this conversation, we’ll hear from Prita Meier and Dede Ruggles. Meier, Assistant Professor of Art History, specializes in African and Indian Ocean visual culture and the cultural dimension of globalization. Ruggles is Professor and PhD Program in Architecture and Landscape Architecture Chair. She studies the interconnections between human society and water management, particularly in the Islamic world, the Mediterranean, and South Asia.

Be sure to get a glass of wine from the Stage 5 Bar before heading into the Tryon Festival Theatre for this fascinating discussion on changes in cultural identity and the arts.

Event Details

Tryon Festival Theatre
Th Apr 13, 2017 - 5:15pm