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Jerry Douglas Band

For more than 40 years, Jerry Douglas has made music on dobro and lap steel that’s earned him world renown as the top purveyor of his craft. On his latest musical foray, What If, Douglas decisively merges those jazz inclinations with the bluegrass, country, blues, swing, rock, and soul he’s spent his life absorbing and performing, forging a sound that flies beyond the boundaries of anything he—or anyone else—has done before. Like fellow bluegrass-rooted peers Bela Fleck and David Grisman, Douglas has always balanced respect for tradition with a desire to escape constricting expectations. But there were places even he was afraid to go—until now.

Every other year, Krannert Center produces ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival, the internationally recognized, three-day event described as “one of the world’s most forward-thinking guitar festivals” (Fretboard Journal). In a celebration of the guitar and its close relatives from around the globe, each ELLNORA gathers remarkable musicians and passionate audience members, and the result is magic. The next biennial ELLNORA will take place in fall 2023, but you can get a taste of it now with this ELLNORA | Reverb concert featuring ELLNORA alum Jerry Douglas.

If you can, show your love for the arts by purchasing an “Advocate” ticket; the additional ticket cost directly benefits Krannert Center.

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Colwell Playhouse
Sa Sep 10, 2022 - 9:00pm CT
Advocate 70 / Standard 37 / SC 32 / STU 15 / UI & YTH 10

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