fbpx Chick Corea Trilogy with Christian McBride and Brian Blade | Krannert Center for the Performing Arts | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Chick Corea Trilogy with Christian McBride and Brian Blade

Individually, pianist Chick Corea, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Brian Blade represent the heights of their crafts—so imagine what happens when these three musical masters join forces for a landmark project. The resulting album, Trilogy, features classic Corea compositions such as Spain, an array of jazz standards, and previously unreleased Corea originals. Corea’s own iconic status includes recognition as a DownBeat Hall of Famer, National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, and 22 Grammy and two Latin Grammy wins. On stage together, the trio offers masterful collaboration with “an uncanny connection, filling space with gorgeous and subtle phrasings, gliding through all manner of styles with a seemingly effortless elegance, grace, and freshness” (allmusic.com).

Event Details

Tryon Festival Theatre
Sa Oct 12, 2019 - 7:30pm CT
Pick Five+: 58 / SC 53 / STU 15 / UI & YTH 10 Single: 60 / SC 55 / STU 15 / UI & YTH 10