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Lyric Theatre Offers Family-Friendly Opera: The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears

Little Sharp-Ears

October 2019

Lyric Theatre @ Illinois, a division of the University of Illinois School of Music, invites audiences of all ages to take a journey into a magical, musical, childhood fable filled with shimmering dragonflies, acrobatic mosquitos, dancing grasshoppers, and an adventurous fox named Little Sharp-Ears.

In addition to The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears, master Czech composer and folklorist Leoš Janáček is heralded in the opera world for the creation of Jenůfa (often called the “Moravian national opera”), Káťa Kabanová, and The Makropulos Case. He created Příhody lišky Bystroušky, alternatively called The Cunning Little Vixen or The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears, in the early 1920s, incorporating Moravian folk music and rhythms to accompany a storyline inspired by the narrative and illustrations of a charming Rudolf Těsnohlídek novella.

The inviting forest stage environment (created by scenic designer Jia Zenpeng, lighting designer Megan J. Coffel, and sound designer Zia Fox) serves as a place of discovery—where the freedom and wonder of the animal inhabitants (represented in particular in the female spirit of a fox) are brought to life by the rich score, fanciful Moravian-inspired costumes designed by William Sturman, and the delightful vocal abilities of the talented cast. The piece serves as an ideal foray for young and new opera audiences as well as seasoned opera-goers who will appreciate the beauty of the life cycle themes, the emphasis on simplicity and the natural world, and Janáček’s light and creative composition.   

The Lyric Theatre @ Illinois production of The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears, directed by Sarah Wigley and conducted by Andrew Megill, will be sung in English and is recommended for ages 6 and up. Three performances will be offered November 15-17 and will include early evening and matinee times to accommodate the needs of families.

For tickets and more information, please visit the The Adventures of Little Sharp-Ears performance page or call the Ticket Office at 217.333.6280.



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