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Virtual February Dance 2022

Due to weather conditions, the February Dance 2022 live stream will now take place on February 3. Please join us online or in person.

February Dance will present four prestigious choreographers in the dance field who create work from multiple perspectives and identities.

Roxane D’Orleans Juste, an Assistant Teaching Professor and a former soloist of the Limón Dance Company (1983-2016) will present a luscious solo informed by the rich interconnections between her Haitian and French-Canadian origins. The work hopes to explore how the Black female body strives to remember and to create a more hopeful world.

Professor Tere O’Connor, a three-time Bessie Awardee and USA/Dance Fellow will create the new work Future Cake, which looks at the tension between unison and non-unison movement as a communicative engine in dance. Using choreography as a companion to thought, he hopes to move us beyond negative connotations of “chaos” into a new space of expression, where pluralism supersedes the singularity of meaning.

Professor Cynthia Oliver, a Bronx-born, Virgin Island-reared, award-winning choreographer and performance artist, will create a new small group work entitled Fallow, exploring contemplation, emptiness, and expanse as vital moments of potential. How does one occupy and/or move through states of emptiness, renewal, and contemplation? How do we imagine it? Can those imaginings be disrupted? By culture? Habit? Mechanics? These are the nuts and bolts of Fallow.

Professor John Toenjes creates large multidimensional and interactive works that are situated at the intersections of technology, dance, and music. His new work Soundwave Surfing is a friendly competition among improvising performers to see who can create the most compelling layers of sound within a live dance-music-rap computer remix machine.

May contain adult content.

This performance will be available for on-demand viewing Monday, February 7-Monday, February 21.

February Dance 2022 will also be performed before an in-person audience in Tryon Festival Theatre.

Event Details

Live Stream: Th Feb 3, 2022 - 7:30pm CT
On-Demand Viewing: Mo Feb 7-Mo Feb 21, 2022

Free (Donations Encouraged) The stream will be available via the "View Stream" button below as a live stream at 7:30 CT on February 3, 2022, and on demand February 7-21, 2022. Please note that you may need to refresh your browser window and that donations are not required to view the stream.

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