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Krannert Center 2024 Renovations Include Intermezzo Cafe Drive-Thru

Plans are underway for Krannert Center’s Intermezzo Cafe to add a drive-thru window.  The window will be on the northwest corner of the 5th floor of Krannert Center, and the project will be included as part of the renovations currently underway with the Colwell Playhouse.

“This will be a big boost for our patrons, especially our resident producers,” Krannert Center's Director of Food Service Operations Amy Thomas explained. “With the increased student load in our Theatre, Dance, and Music departments, we felt that a drive-thru window would increase convenience for our busy student and faculty population and improve overall service.”

Krannert students and Intermezzo regulars alike are buzzing about the news. “I’ve always loved Intermezzo, but it’s out of the way for a lot of my classes and I rarely have the time in my day to go and sit down and enjoy a meal,” Engineering student Melissa Sanders-Grothman explained. “I’m so excited to be able to pick lunch up and bring it to Grainger or wherever my class might be.”

Additional Intermezzo expansions are also under consideration, including a proposed plan to offer wait service to students studying or napping on the steps of the outdoor amphitheatre.

The drive-thru expansion should be completed by the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester.


Location of the drive-thru window at Intermezzo Cafe



Construction workers inspect the location of the new drive-thru expansion


The drive-thru will be on the northwest corner of Krannert Center


More information on Intermezzo’s expansion can be found at



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