Student Space

A place to hang out with your friends, an out-of-the-way study space, a lunch locale, a free wifi spot, a quick shopping destination—and a source for funky, provocative, absorbing, lively, contemplative entertainment. Whatever your mood—eager to try something new? yearning for a little comfort food after a rough test? anxious to impress that guy from history with your knowledge of world music?—you can find something that will suit it right here.

No Need to Spend a Lot

When you head over for a show, you’ll get great discounts on tickets, and you can feel confident about inviting your friends and entire family to plenty of our events. Plus you can always dip your toes into music or dance or theatre you’ve never tried before—and you won’t have to spend a dime. Traffic Jam concerts at 5pm let you come and go when you can and sample a song or two—or the whole set. If you can get away during the day, drop in at noon for an Interval, which will feature energetic tunes and refresh your day with free activities like knitting a jolly pumpkin. Consider heading to a conversation before a performance—like Dessert and Conversation or Libretto events throughout the year—to gain greater insight into your favorite artist or to catch a glimpse into the production process for a drama. When you’re online, like one of our Facebook posts or ask us a question on Twitter. And don’t miss us on YouTube (check out Push for Art and the Zombie Mob).

Youth Series

If you haven’t heard about the Youth Series, head over to its site. The hand-picked shows provide a eye-opening opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the world of the arts. You’ll be able to join your classmates and other students from surrounding areas for what might be your first live performance but will hopefully be one of many to come. The short plays and musicals you’ll see are designed just for you. (Really: no lectures.) So browse through the offerings, and if you see a performance that appeals to you, be sure to tell your teacher or another adult—and we hope to see you soon.