On the House

Everyone’s welcome at Krannert Center—and we’d like to make sure that you stop by regularly.

Reimagine what the arts can grow by conversing at Uncorked with old friends or new colleagues (or not-for-long strangers) about your work week or last week’s show. You never know where the conversation may lead.

Dig deeper into the arts with a conversation before a performance, take a recess from your usual day at an Interval, or stop by for a late world music concert at an Afterglow.

Satisfy your curiosity with a daily tour, which will show you what’s buzzing behind the curtains. Then think about the oboe player waiting backstage for the Foellinger Great Hall or imagine the dancers warming up in their dressing room the next time you’re sitting in the Tryon Festival Theatre.

Dance for People with Parkinson’s
Explore gentle movements set to uplifting music in this monthly workshop designed to improve and preserve balance, flexibility, and strength.

Unsure where to take the kids on Saturday afternoon? Hesitant to spend a lot of money on your first date with that sophomore from chem class? Intrigued by new destinations? Stop by any time—your fun is on us.